Best Online Malaysia Casino for Big Promotions

Posted on / Anna Jensen

One of the ways that online Malaysia casino shows their appreciation to all their members is by offering bonuses through the promotions. A promotion is somewhat also a strategy to attract new customers and retain them. However, before a player can get bonus from it, they must follow the terms included on each promotion. Additionally, some T&C’s of other online casino is unreasonable. If it’s like that, that casino must be a fraud. Therefore you must only choose the best online Malaysia casino for big promotions such as the listed below.

Best Online Malaysia Casino for Big Promotions

Best Online Malaysia Casino for Big Promotions

Best Online Malaysia Casino for Big Promotions

Special Extra Bonus 200%

First on the list is one of the biggest promotion and incredible feature of Malaysia mobile casino. The Special Extra Bonus 200% apply to all new customers and it can reach up to MYR 15,000. Perfect for those who wants the best value for their deposit. However, this promo can only be used on casino games except slots and sports betting. It’s still a good promotion though if you prefer to only play live casino games. What’s great about this promo is that the player can withdraw it anytime.

Welcome Bonus 100% Slot Games

Now for slot game players with the use of welcome bonus 100% slot games promotion, you can get as much as MYR 30,000! Bigger than the previously mentioned reward. As the name suggests it can be only used for slot games except non-slot games such as video poker, table games, card games, etc. Requirement to get the bonus is simple. Player must not make safety bet or betting on both sides.

Weekly Live Casino Rebates

Since the online Malaysia casino knows that every player want the best value for every bet they make. They are offering weekly live casino rebates for all new and old members. With this promotion, if you reach the turnover requirement you’ll receive reward point for weekly Lucky Draw held every Tuesday. The basic weekly rebates is 1.10% for regular members up to 1.30% if the member is Diamond VIP level.

Special Casino Game Bets

Next is the special casino game bets. As the name suggests it is for making special bets in live casino games: Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo. When you join this promo you’ll receive weekly rebate. Bronze and regular members get the same 1.20% rebate, up to 1.40% for Diamond Level VIP’s. Once you fulfill the requirements, the reward will be automatically added to your main wallet.

Free VIP Level Upgrade

VIP members in every online Malaysia casino receives bonuses higher than regular customers. Therefore many players gets jealous of them. With that in mind, the online Malaysia casino has made a FREE VIP LEVEL promo. This promo is pretty simple, the player only needs to be loyal to the site. By loyal means he/she must play for real money at least one a month.

A regular player continuously playing for 3 months who have joined the promo will be upgraded to the first VIP level Bronze. Level upgrade continues for 6, 9, and 12 months where Diamond level is achieved. This is your best chance to experience Diamond level VIP perks!


Definitely the best online Malaysia casino for big promotions. Join now and claim your free bets and other big rewards!