Casino Games That You Should Try

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Casino games become one of the best entertainment for many people. It brings fun and excitement and also money. Casino games are categorized into two main types which are the table game and slot game. For the table game itself, the game is vary with different kinds and gameplays. However, all the casino games are fascinating. Among many choices, there are three casino games that you should try as mentioned below.

Casino Games That You Should Try

Casino Games That You Should Try

Casino Games That You Should Try


Baccarat is a card game which successfully attracts many casino players. In baccarat game, the player who gets the card with total value of 9 or close to 9 is the winner. Baccarat itself has 5 different types which are Chemin de Fer, Super Pan 9, Punto Banco, Baccarat en Banque, and Three Card Baccarat. Punto Banco is popular baccarat game in United States while the Chemin de Fer is popular in Europe.

In playing Baccarat, there are three hands of betting which is the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, and tie bet. Compared to the player’s and banker’s hand, tie bet has the highest payout which means if you win the game, you will earn many. However, the house edge of tie bet is also high so the chance of winning big is very small. Meanwhile, compared to player’s hand, banker’s hand is more preferable since the house edge is the lowest. Thus, the chance of winning the game is higher.

There’s a lot of tips on how to beat live baccarat game where you can use to further improve your winning chances.

Slot Game

Slot game always be the most fun casino game since the players are provided by unique and various theme of the game. Slot game is famous for its theme because the themes vary. You can find the fruits theme, animal themes, superheroes theme, oriental theme, and many more. Slot game itself is divided into two, the classic slot and modern slot. The classic slot is known as three reels slot while the modern slot is video slot with five reels slot.

The gameplay of the game is the same, the winner is the player who successfully gets the same symbols in the lines. Slot games usually have many bonuses and rewards in the form of bonus round, free spins, etc. That is why many players are attracted to the game. This fast game never fails to bring excitement to the players.


Here it is the most favorite gambling casino game, blackjack. The game is very simple, the player who successfully gets the card with value of 21 is the winner of the game. Thus, this game is very perfect for players who have good mathematic skills in counting the cards. Blackjack has less odds that is why many players tend to love this game.

Blackjack uses standard one deck card with 52 cards inside. The dealer shuffles the cards and distributes the card to the players. Before playing the game, the players place the bet on the table. During the game, the player can choose to stand with the cards or ask for another car in order to hit the 21.

Those are three casino games that you should try. Baccarat, slot game, and blackjack never fails to excite the casino players.