History of Online Slot Machine and Its Features

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Slot machine is one of the classic options in casinos. Not much know that this simplistic game actually has deep rooted history that build the system to what we know today. Curious? Educate yourself about the history of online slot machines and its feature.

History of Online Slot Machine and Its Features

  • History on Slot Machines

Slot machines first introduction happen between 1887 and 1895. It was first known as the ‘Liberty Bell’, a simple machine made by Charles Fey. The machine is the simplest form slot games can get – there are only three reels and a single line. Playing doesn’t go beyond putting a coin into the machine and pull the lever to spin the reel. For such a simplistic machine, it become really popular at the time. Many corporations start to copy Liberty Bell, making this slot machine to appear in many bars, cigar stores, brothels, saloons, bowling alleys, and barber shops.

It took almost a century for slot machines to evolve. Around 1960s, Bally Manufacturing created slot machines using buttons instead of lever. This is the first step that bring slot games to modern glow-up. In 1976, the Fortune Coin, Co. created a whole new slot machine with video displays and RNG (or Random Number Generator) system.

  • History on Online Slot Machines

Due to slot revolution in 1976, many developer starting to pay some interest in slot machines. Since slot popularity walk hand in hand with internet popularity, it’s not surprising that the release of online slot machines doesn’t take another century. There’s not much growth in it, however, since many online slot games still use the RNG system and mostly only improve in graphic designs.

  • Slot Machine Features

Nowadays, both online and inland slot games have same features to offer, such as:

  • Auto Spin

Since all process in the machine are based on programs, it is possible to do automated betting. The auto spin feature let bettors set all the betting money on the pay lines first before letting them to spin in one process. It is also possible to manually set each bet differently or uniform them.

  • Interactive Gameplay

What most popping in the modern slots is its graphic. So, it’s no wonder that many slot games (especially video ones) offer interactive gameplay. This come simple forms of ‘treasure chest’ that bettors can pick to get prizes, to more elaborated forms where bettors have to do mini games to get prizes.

  • Animations and Interactions

If you haven’t noticed, modern slot has varieties of themes and mascots in their games. Often times, these mascots come alive with animations. Sometimes they will come out and change the symbols on the reel to your advantages.

  • Bonuses

Modern slots also have more bonuses. Different kind of ‘treasure chest’, wild, and scatter is not rare in the variation.

Who said that gambling can’t be educational? As you can see, the history of online slot machine and its features have a really deep root. Even though it only revolves around gambling and casinos, the history is another carving in human’s history. The next time you play slot, remember that you’re playing on a historical piece.