How to Beat Live Baccarat Game?

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Live baccarat is something phenomenal, in which it is even more advanced than the basic online baccarat. It gives you the thrills and experience like playing on a real land-based casino, with hot dealers and everything. However like other baccarat games, there are strategies you need to know if you want to beat some of the best ones. This list on how to beat live baccarat game may help.

How to Beat Live Baccarat Game?

How to Beat Live Baccarat Game?

How to Beat Live Baccarat Game?

  1. Choose a Table with Fewer Deck Cards

If you pay attention, it is clear that most of live baccarat games offer more than just one kind of deck. Most live baccarat games are available on at least 6 cards of deck and 8 cards of deck. The bigger deck seems very tempting as it commonly offers bigger prize for players.

However, it is also clear that smaller deck cards offer lower odds. If you plan to win, 6 cards deck is the ideal choice. While 8 cards deck is always available, 6 cards deck is often available on VIP tables and/or high rollers tables.

  1. Say No to Zero Commission Live Baccarat

The zero commission baccarat was first invented for a good purpose, at least on the bettor side. It is meant to deliver fairer level of bet for players, and of course, player doesn’t need to worry about commission. At first, this sounds like a dream comes true.

In the end, this systems end up as an appetizer so players will want to play more. The result is a kind of total rip off. For example, your odds to pay will be at least 1 and commonly 2 when you play on 8 value of banker’s hand.

  1. Be Consistent with the Strategy

Most bettors play with preparation. They rarely play without a strategy on mind. If you already find a worthy strategy, it is best to follow your strategy all along. The worst moments are when you encounter loses bet after bet. In this time, you will be tempted to change your strategy and to make large bet just to recoup the previous loses. Resist it. If you play with a certain strategy, you should accept that there are moments when you will lose. If this is a worthy strategy, it will be worth it to be consistent with it while playing.

  1. Play on Short Sessions

Long session is built for the house advantage. This is a fact to accept. Short sessions work best for both winning and losing moments. If you are already determined on how many games you are playing to play, it will be easier for you to just accept your loses. By then, it will be easy for you to walk away as well. When you win, it will be nice to receive any value of prize even if it is a small one. Meanwhile, a long session will tempt you to target bigger profit, and it is commonly the beginning of losing.

There are more strategies on how to beat live baccarat game to try as well, but these four keys are the most important thing you need to keep in mind. Live baccarat is a fun game so make sure you handle it with great strategy to secure some winnings too.