How to Compute the Payout Percentage of Slot Games?

Posted on / Anna Jensen

It’s easy to spot high quality slots, but not much mention their payout percentage. Also known as return to player (RTP) rate according to history of slot machines features, this little detail can give bettor the information of how great is their winning chances. Curious how to compute the payout percentage of slot games? Get to know the ways and benefits below.

How to Compute the Payout Percentage of Slot Games?

How to Compute the Payout Percentage of Slot Games?

How to Compute the Payout Percentage of Slot Games?

  • How to Calculate RTP or Payout Percentage of Slot Games

It actually doesn’t take much to calculate. As long as you are willing to rules in playing online slot and mathematical calculation, every slots’ payout percentage can be calculated. Here are the steps:

  • Try to bet on target slot machine. It can be any slot machine, and the bet quantity is up to you.
  • Next, write up how much the slot pay back by one bet. Make sure it’s one particular bet, not the total sum of the whole game.
  • Get your calculator and divide your bet money with the payout. As an example, a player bets for 10 MYR and get 12 MYR in return.

Therefor:     10: 12 = 0,833333333

  • Take the two digits after zero – that’s your RTP rate. In the case above, we will get 83%.

How Does RTP Rate Works?

Now that we can calculate payout percentage of a slot, does the computed result defines our winning chances per gaming session? Unfortunately, that’s less likely the case. In case you don’t know, slot algorithm work as random as possible with no string attached to anything else. That means, the slot doesn’t recognize the player, how much they had invested, or even the last bet they made in the process of creating a new result.

So, instead of laying the rates to individuals, they actually affect more to the machine. RTP rates defines how much the slot will pay lucky bettors throughout its lifetime. If a slot has a life expectancy of five years; that means it will give out wins 97% within the lifespan.

  • The Benefit of Knowing Payout Percentage

Why do we have to know RTP rate if it doesn’t mean anything to us? Well, don’t get it wrong – Payout percentage indeed doesn’t directly benefit gamblers, but the number still determine our chances to win. However, RTP rate doesn’t work alone. There are also reels, stops, and combination that determine bettors’ actual chances to win. There are two thumb rules to check out:

  • How much reels and stops are there? More equals larger combinations and vice versa.
  • How many combinations are paid out in the slot?

Let say that we have slot A and B. Both have the same amount of combinations, but slot A pays for more than B. This means, with good RTP, slot A will provide more because the winning chances is higher.

So, how to compute the payout percentage of slot games? All the answer is written above. With the ability to calculate RTP rate of a slot game, we can see how much out luck will bring to win in online slot games.