How to Play Online Baccarat

Posted on / Anna Jensen

As one of the casino games you should try, it’s safe to say that online Baccarat is not really complicated to play. We agree that every game in an online casino requires different strategies. In Baccarat, the strategies are not as complicated as you think. So, here are the some explanations about how to play online Baccarat.

How to Play Online Baccarat

How to Play Online Baccarat

How to Play Online Baccarat

  1. Where to Bet?

The first basic rule you have to know about playing online Baccarat is you can bet on either of the two hands. In this case, you can place your bet on both the Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand at the same time. Note that you have to place your bet before all the cards are dealt. However, it is suggested that you choose whether you want to place your bet on the Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand.

  1. How the Cards are Dealt?

After knowing where to bet, you have to know first how the cards are dealt. There will be two cards that are dealt to both the Banker and the Player. Both the Banker and the Player are holding a shoe that will slide out one card then place it with the face up on the Player’s table. The first card of the Banker is also has to be placed with its face up on the Banker’s table.

If the two cards are already dealt, it is time for the house to deal with another Player’s card with the exact same ways. So does with the Banker’s card, the house will also deal with the Banker’s second card. The first round of the game involves the first two cards from both The Banker and the Player.

  1. What is Natural Win?

If you have understood the first two rules, know you also have to know about what a natural win is. There will be a natural win if the total point in the first two cards dealt from both the Banker and the Player is 8 or 9. If this condition occurs, it is called a natural win the the game is over. All the bets that have already been placed must to be cashed out and start the game all over again.

  1. How do We Win?

So, what condition or cards do you need to win the game in online Baccarat? You can figure out the winning hand once all cards are dealt. You can win the game if you have the cards with total value of 9. Otherwise, the hand who has the cards that are closer to the 9 is the winning hand. It is different with the natural win.

There will be a winner if both the Banker and the Player have the cards with the total value of 8 or 9. Therefore, there has to be one side only who can reach the value of the 9 or at least closer to it. When you bet on the Banker’s hand, you will have to pay the commission for the win sometimes.

Just like any other online casino games, you can always find the ways to manage and control your games in online Baccarat and win lots of money. In case you are a new comer in the world of online casino games, those are the ways of how to play online Baccarat properly.