New Casino Games and Betting Software Platforms at QQ828

Posted on / Anna Jensen

QQ828 has never let us down on their services. They have a huge array of casino games, sports betting market and slot machines. Their software platforms are great, we can find almost all the unique features of a land-based casino. This year they are offering two new casino games and betting software platforms at QQ828. How are they? What games and features can you expect? Continue reading the article to find out.

New Casino Games and Betting Software Platforms at QQ828

New Casino Games and Betting Software Platforms at QQ828
New Casino Games and Betting Software Platforms at QQ828


WinningFT is one of the best online sportsbooks which are very popular in Asia. Licensed and accredited by First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation. The company specializes in sports betting where every gambler will surely have the ultimate betting experience.

WinningFT’s platform is one of the most secured. Offering sports bettors from Malaysia and other countries in the Asia-Pacific a very secure environment to place bets. This is the reason why QQ828 has made partners with the site.

Another good thing about WinningFT is that they offer seamless and a wide range of different games to all the players. Because of their huge coverage of sports, they have been loved by many sports bettors in Asia. With more than 30,000 bets are easily accommodated by the online sportsbook on a daily basis.

Over 90 types of sports are offered where players can easily find the best odds and place their bets. Different events of soccer, basketball, NFL, MLB and many other sports, you can easily find the best events to bet on using WinningFT sportsbook.

This has made WinningFT the best spot to place bets in both minor and major leagues from around the world.

Sexy Casino

If you are looking for a unique online casino gaming experience, then Sexy Casino is the perfect choice for you. Unlike other casino software used by QQ828, Sexy Casino features the hottest dealers in the industry. They are not dressed as your usual croupier but instead they only wear bikinis.

Some might get a little distracted by them since I also cannot take of my eyes on those gorgeous dealers. Sexy Casino is offering 5 traditional baccarat tables, 1 insurance baccarat and 2 live dragon tiger tables. They offer playing guides to the games they have which can be found in the game itself.

Their selection of casino games are small but that doesn’t stop them from becoming one of the most popular software providers. You can play their games for as low as MYR 1 each bet up to a maximum of 10000.

They also offer their services for mobile betting; through apps and instant-play on mobile browsers. In addition, you can also play multiple games of Sexy Casino on a single screen. To do this, simply click multi-table and choose the tables you want to join in.


The new casino games and betting software platforms at QQ828 are open now for playing. If you are new to the site, do not forget that you get to receive huge new member bonuses and rewards which you can use to improve your winning chances.