Things about Online Sic Bo You Should Know

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Sic Bo is a casino game which is slightly not popular in Europe and America. But, statistic shows that the number of bettors who play Sic Bo rapidly increased in a few past decade, thanks to online casinos which help this game getting popular among online gamblers. Before you play Sic Bo, it is good step to understand things about online Sic Bo you should know.

Things about Online Sic Bo You Should Know

Things about Online Sic Bo You Should Know

Things about Online Sic Bo You Should Know

Origin of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a casino game from East Asia, precisely China. East Asia gamblers popularly call taisai, dai sui and hi-lo than Sic Bo. Frankly, the meaning of Sic is a pair of dice. In fact, this game use three dice to run the game.

How Does It Work?

Actually, this is a simple game. You only need to place bet on the outcome number of your dices. Bettors have options to place bet among different options which is commonly presented on the table or your screen. The player who predict correctly win the game .Of course bettors who cannot predict it correctly lose the game. It is simple isn’t it?

In online casino, you determine your chip size by clicking plus or minus to increase and decrease. Then you place it on the corresponding area of the Sic Bo table. Please keep in mind that you are able to bet on more than one sic bo bet.

After that it is time to play casino games the right way. Click roll button and see the outcome number of the dice. If the final outcome number suit with your wager, it means that you win the game.

Types of Betting Options

There are eight types of options in Sic Bo. Then, we will explain it briefly.

  • Single Number: You place bet on particular number which the dice show. If one dice show one of your number, it means you win the game.
  • Two number combination: You place bet on two particular number, the same numbers are restricted.
  • Three Numbers total: You place bet on the total number of all three dices from 4 to 17.
  • Small or Big bet: Bettors place bet on total outcome number either small or big result. Four to ten consider as small bet while 11 to 17 consider as big bet.
  • Specific Triple: Bettors place bet on specific triple number like 4s. It means you predict the three dices show number four.
  • Any Triple: You place bet on any three specific number. The same number is allowed to use. Like 3-4-5, 5-5-6
  • Double or pair bet: You place bet on two specific numbers. Like four and four

Pay-out of the Bets

The pay out in Sic Bo is vary from one bet to other. We will provide the pay out information, but the numbers may be different from one betting to another.

  • Small Big is 1:1
  • Single number 1:1
  • Two number combination is 5:1
  • Specific Triple is 180:1
  • Any Triple is 30:1

Sic Bo is a good option to gain extra cash aside from the gambling promotions and bonuses. Hopefully, the things about online sicboyou should knowhelps you to gain much cash.