Thumb-Rules in Playing Online Slots

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Slots are no-brainer to play, but that doesn’t mean there is no rules to play it at all. If you are a newbie or a beginner that still questioning the gameplay, don’t just jump in to the game. Get to know the rules in playing online slots we have listed right below.

Thumb-Rules in Playing Online Slots

  • The Gaming Basics

There’s not much thinking when it comes to actually playing slot. To actually playing the game, it goes as simple as placing a bet then spin the reels. There are some things that will affect the gameplay:

  • Pay Lines

Pay line is how many chance bettors can bet and spin throughout the session. This doesn’t include free spins.

  • Reels

Reel numbers is just how much reel is going to appear in the game. This doesn’t actually affect the game much. However, note that more reels mean more combination of results will appear.

  • Bet Range

Bet range is the lowest and highest point players can bet on. The range will affect the jackpots; small range means small jackpots and vice versa.

  • Return To Player (RTP) Rate

RTP rate is the percentage on how much is the possibility for players to earn in the game. The good RTP range from 90% and above. Quality slot games will mention them.

  • Symbols and Pay outs

In slot games there are several symbols that will appear on the reel. Each of them have different pay outs. Here are the stats based on classic slots:

  • K is the symbol with highest pay out
  • Q have pay out range between K and J
  • J have the lowest pay out
  • Wild doesn’t have any pay out. However, this symbol will substitute another symbol to your advantage.
  • Scatter also doesn’t have any pay out. This symbol gives away free spins or free coins instead.
  • Bonus Symbols such as treasure chest are additional symbols that will give away bonus and interactive gameplay.

If you have tried to play several slot games, you will notice that some have other symbols to substitute K, Q, and J. They have the same value level, but otherwise that means the game have solid design.

  • Different Types of Slots

There are several types of slot games that you must know:

  • Normal Slots

This slot follows the rules above without much addition. Called normal because the jackpot appears randomly and there’s only one-way process to get it.

  • Progressive Slots

Usually doesn’t alter the rules. However, what makes it different is the jackpot system. Progressive slots offer several levels with jackpots as the goals. Higher level has higher jackpots and difficulties.

  • Accumulative Slots

Accumulative slots are slot games that grow their jackpot constantly based on every investment of bets even when several people play the game at once.

Now that you know the rules in playing online slots, there should be no problem on future gameplays. As we have mentioned above, slot games are no-brainer to play. The rules are simplistic too. So, as long as you remember them, the gameplay will sail smoothly. Good luck!