What Everyone Ought To Know About Live Betting

Posted on / Anna Jensen

Live Betting, also known in online sportsbooks as In-Play is a form of betting on when the games or events has already started. Here is what everyone ought to know about live betting than can help you get started with this betting market.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Live Betting

What Everyone Ought To Know About Live Betting
What Everyone Ought To Know About Live Betting

Live Betting Explanation

As mentioned earlier, this is a process of placing bets on games or events that has already started. It offers bettors the chance to bet on different outcomes that you’ll only find during the game. For example in Soccer matches, in the traditional market you can pick which player you think will make the first goal. After he scores, the market is then closed and that’s it, you have to wait for the game to end to claim your winnings.

But with in-play, you can still place bets on the next player to score until the game ends. This gives every bettor a lot of chances for winning big. Besides, there are plenty of these bets which you can only find in the live betting market.

Bet on Additional Markets

In live betting, there are plenty of markets which you can pick that is usually not found on the traditional one. For instance like the one is soccer mentioned earlier – next player to score. For other sports such as tennis, you can choose the match winner, exact game score, next game to deuce, exact set score, etc.…  

You Can Change Your Bets

Another advantage of betting in in-play market is the ability to change your wagers or add a new one if you want to. If you think you have picked the wrong bet, you can freely change it at the Sportsqq828 Trusted Online Sportsbook & Malaysia Live Betting Site. You can also place an opposing bet, using the new information you have acquired before the game started.

Get Right into the Action

When betting in the traditional way, before place your money you will have to do a lot of things such as reading the stats and news about the teams playing. This usually take some time to do and it can lead to skewed-up predictions.

But with in-play market, you don’t have to do such things and get right into the action. Giving you the chance to see what is happening before placing bets, it offers you better chances to win your wagers. For instance, you have found a good odd before the game starts, then something significant happened, it will reflect on the odds. Which means you get to choose better odds than if you bet before the match starts.


Live betting gives you access to additional types of wagers throughout the duration of the match. This means the chances of losing money is also high. Therefore, if you wish to gamble this way you must limit yourself, manage your bankroll and stay calm. Remember a good strategy is always to keep focus.

That concludes what everyone ought to know about live betting. Do not forget that gambling is a form of entertainment and not a way of life, bet responsibly.